Minimalism Isn’t As Bad As You Think

Followtheflow/Shutterstock By Reecha Kulkarni/Sept. 10, 2021 12:58 pm EDT Within the constraints of capitalism, minimalism as a lifestyle has surprisingly flourished. While its origin story begins within the 1960s art movement that celebrated abstract “minimal” showcases

Earmuffs that tell you when you’re drunk

Innovative Japanese researchers have developed earmuffs (or should that be beermuffs?) that can tell how drunk you are. The earmuffs can measure blood alcohol concentration in real time like a roadside breathalyzer. They work because

Why You Should Eat Two Of These Nuts Every Day

In a world where plant-based proteins are getting more popular by the day, nuts are certainly having their day in the sun. From almonds to pistachios, many health enthusiasts tout their body, brain and mood-enhancing