Get Vaxxed, Move On With Your Life

It’s time to stop waffling about this: if you’re vaccinated, you can move on with your life. Enough with the obsession over breakthrough cases. COVID-19 is never going away. Never. It will become endemic, like

Can dehumidifiers help with snoring?

We’ve all experienced those sticky, hot summer days when the air feels so thick and heavy it’s almost impossible to breathe. Luckily, dehumidifiers can help to remove moisture from the air and make your home

Repairing tendon injuries with stem cells

Tendon tears are rarely life-threatening, but depending on their severity, they require surgery and a long rehabilitation period. Surgical treatment strategies involve the transplantation of tendon from another part of the patient’s body or the

Progress for patients with weak hearts

Until now, patients with heart failure with preserved ejection fraction—the most common type of heart failure in the elderly—have had no access to evidenced-based treatments. For the first time, a large clinical trial led by