What Does It Mean When Your Left Ankle Hurts

siam.pukkato/Shutterstock By Sam Ramsden/Sept. 6, 2021 1:18 pm EDT With your ankles being one of the most active areas of the human body, experiencing ankle discomfort from time to time should come as no surprise. However, body

Earmuffs that tell you when you’re drunk

Innovative Japanese researchers have developed earmuffs (or should that be beermuffs?) that can tell how drunk you are. The earmuffs can measure blood alcohol concentration in real time like a roadside breathalyzer. They work because

Can drinking cocoa protect your heart when you’re stressed?

Increased consumption of flavanols—a group of molecules occurring naturally in fruit and vegetables—could protect people from mental stress-induced cardiovascular events such as stroke, heart disease and thrombosis, according to new research. Researchers have discovered that