Novel approach leads to potential sepsis prevention in burn patients: Study demonstrates possibility of treating antibiotic-resistant pseudomonas aeruginosa

Immediately following severe burns, bacteria reach the wound from different sources, including the patient’s skin, gastrointestinal tract, respiratory tracts and health care-related human contact. Within the wound, bacteria multiply, establish an infection and move from

Prescription drug monitoring program mandates: Comprehensive mandates for prescription drug monitoring programs reduce opioid prescriptions and hospital use

States that require prescribers to register with and use prescription drug monitoring programs in most clinical circumstances saw notably fewer opioid prescriptions and reduced opioid-related hospital use by Medicaid patients compared to states with weak

How popular drug helps in heart failure

Results were released today from the first two clinical studies designed specifically to examine the effects of the heart drug sacubitril/valsartan on the structure and function of the failing heart. Treatment with sacubitril/valsartan, a combination

Workplace safety can worsen under bullying bosses

A new Portland State University study suggests that bullying bosses aren’t just bad for employee morale and well-being — they can also be bad for workplace safety. Liu-Qin Yang, an associate professor of industrial-organizational psychology