'Smart' glasses that could slow down sight loss

‘Smart’ glasses that could slow down sight loss: Scientists develop specially-designed spectacles to halt myopia Scientists have developed glasses with ‘rings’ in the lenses to halt or slow the progress of myopia, or short-sightedness, where

Microneedles that pierce biofilm for more effective topical delivery of antibiotics to infected wounds

A Purdue University engineer’s patent-pending invention could improve the quality of life for millions of people suffering from diabetic foot ulcers. Rahim Rahimi, an assistant professor in the School of Materials Engineering, has developed a flexible

Earmuffs that tell you when you’re drunk

Innovative Japanese researchers have developed earmuffs (or should that be beermuffs?) that can tell how drunk you are. The earmuffs can measure blood alcohol concentration in real time like a roadside breathalyzer. They work because