Dogs mirror owner’s stress

The levels of stress in dogs and their owners follow each other, according to a new study from Linköping University, Sweden. The scientists believe that dogs mirror their owner’s stress level, rather than vice versa.

Reflux disease: help for heartburn

Unpleasant heartburn – what really helps against it Most people probably had heartburn before. If the unpleasant phenomenon occurs only occasionally, there is typically no reason for concern. However, it is wise to avoid it.

What disorders really helps with sleep

Sleep disorders: How you come at night finally to rest More and more people in Germany have problems – and sleep Through the night. Sleep problems can lead not only to fatigue and concentration problems,

Beta blockers can block the effects of stress and anger in patients prone to emotion-triggered atrial fibrillation

Individuals who are prone to emotion-triggered atrial fibrillation (AF) may benefit from taking beta blockers. A new study shows that beta blockers can block the effects of psychological stress and anger in individuals prone to

Protein BRCA1 as a stress coach

Anyone who has ever studied the molecular basis of breast cancer will probably have heard of the abbreviation BRCA1 — this is a protein that protects the cells of breast tissue against cancer. Surprisingly, this

Study: How Stress can cause cancer

Stress hormones stimulate tumor cells to metastasis to Already for a long time, doctors suggest that Stress favors disease is the formation of cancer. Why this connection exists, but was, as yet, unclear. A Swiss