Pregnancy stress may shape baby brain

Stress levels in mothers—measured by a hormone linked to anxiety and other health problems—is related to changes in areas of the infant brain associated with emotional development, the study suggests. Doctors say the findings highlight

Amanda Fuller Opens Up About Son Hayes' Rare Blood Condition 1 Year After His Diagnosis Amanda Fuller is revealing that her son Hayes Blue has a severe and rare medical condition. The actress, 36, shared Hayes' diagnosis in an Instagram post Thursday, writing that he was diagnosed

Warmer world linked to poor pregnancy results: study

Women exposed to high temperatures and heatwaves during pregnancy are more likely to have premature or stillborn babies, researchers said Wednesday. Such outcomes—closely linked to poverty, especially in the tropics—will likely increase with global warming,

How to Deal With a Miscarriage

On October 1, about halfway through her third pregnancy, Chrissy Teigen revealed she had lost her baby boy due to bleeding complications, sparking another national conversation about pregnancy loss. “We were never able to stop