Poor fit between job demands, reasoning abilities associated with health conditions: Could lead to premature retirement of valuable employees, study says

Older workers whose reasoning abilities no longer allow them to meet the demands of their jobs may be more likely to develop chronic health conditions and retire early, which may not be ideal for the

‘Trash talk’ really can put players off their game: Study found trash talk negatively affects the game performance of a competitor

The 1986 NBA All-Star game in Dallas had the first three-point shooting contest, when eight all-stars were selected for the competition. Larry Bird of the Boston Celtics, who was known as a trash talker, walked

Phones and wearables combine to assess worker performance: Mobile-sensing and consumer tech upgrade the employee review

Using smartphones, fitness bracelets and a custom app, researchers have created a mobile-sensing system that judges employee performance. The system works by monitoring the physical, emotional and behavioral well-being of workers to classify high and