A single gene can disrupt the sleep-wake cycle

All living organisms are subject to an internal biological rhythm, which controls many physiological processes. In humans in particular, this internal clock follows a 24-hour cycle and occurs even in the absence of external triggers,

Can dehumidifiers help with snoring?

We’ve all experienced those sticky, hot summer days when the air feels so thick and heavy it’s almost impossible to breathe. Luckily, dehumidifiers can help to remove moisture from the air and make your home

Here’s What CBD Can And Can’t Do For You

Ekaterina_str/Shutterstock By Reecha Kulkarni/Sept. 12, 2021 6:32 pm EDT/Updated: Sept. 12, 2021 6:37 pm EDT In 2020, Gwyneth Paltrow invested in a beverage company that infused THC and CBD, byproducts of cannabis, into its drinks.  The