Thus, you outsmart trouble Sleeping, and diving in just two minutes into the Land of dreams

Many have night problems falling Asleep at night. A decades-old technology is now being discovered by more and more people. It dates back to the Second world war and was built to facilitate US-soldiers to Sleep. And so it goes: In a comfortable Position, relax first of all, your face. Jaw muscles, the tongue, the mouth. Then proceed gradually with her the rest of the body. Relax the shoulders and neck, then separately the arms and hands. As the last, in turn, individually, the thighs, calves and feet. Now, imagine one of the following images: you are in a canoe on a lake under a blue sky. Alternatively, you are in a comfortable hammock in a pitch-dark room. It is crucial to bring the thoughts to Silence. This does not work, to tell you the following Mantra: “think not thinking.” In military studies, this technique was 96 per cent of the participants a success: After six weeks of Exercise, you could fall asleep within two minutes.