The supposed wonder weapons in cancer: What is it?

With broccoli or Cannabis against cancer: Always reports on the substances that ghosts through the media, to have a cancer-healing effect. The cancer information service of the German cancer research center (DKFZ) explained three examples, why not every headline Believe a gift should be.

"I’ve heard there’s something Neues": So many requests to start the cancer information service. Especially Affected persons and relatives scour the media and the Internet on the lookout for a new, effective, and possible low side effect therapy. "As understandable as that is, we often have to disappoint people unfortunately. This is because many of the alleged miracle means there is still no clinical studies, the efficacy and safety scientifically belegen", says Dr. Susanne-Remers, head of the cancer information service at the DKFZ. In General, it is all the first indication of a possible medical Benefits against cancer, which comes from animal or cell culture experiments or to very early stages in clinical development. Efficacy, safety, tolerability, and many other relevant questions are still being researched and tested.

Example, Sulforaphane

The phytochemical sulforaphane is contained in high concentration in broccoli. On the Internet he is as much of the active ingredient against cancer and other diseases, promise &ndash touted; including a large number of sources. What is it? The results of some epidemiological studies pointed out that the mustard oil sulforaphane and the consumption of sulforaphane could be containing vegetables for the prevention of cancer useful. Results for the treatment of cancer, there is currently, however, only cell culture or animal experiments. First clinical trials for the treatment of patients with prostate cancer showed only limited evidence for a cancer-killing effect. Further studies in people with precancerous lesions and for the treatment of cancer patients are currently underway. So far, sulforaphane, it is recommended in the guidelines or by professional societies is neither to the prevention of cancer to the therapy.

Cancer information service

Reliable information on the current state of research, the importance of the substances for the treatment of cancer, as well as to risks, side – effects and interactions is it the cancer information service, the daily from 8 to 20 hrs under 0800-420 30 40 and via E-Mail to [email protected] accessible.

Example, Cannabis

With Cannabis cancer could be cured, is also read in some Places on the Internet. "This is not so richtig", explained Weg-Remers. "It is true that the use of cannabis medicines since March, 2017, under certain conditions, for the treatment of cancer patients is admitted. However, it is therapies for the relief of symptoms. But that does not mean that Cannabis can slow cancer growth." Currently, investigations are carried out to try Cannabis as a cancer treatment in the true sense, especially in cell cultures and in animals, with conflicting results. Therefore, ingredients of Cannabis can have in the Experiment, a cancer, inhibiting a cancer-promoting effect. Still completely open at this point in time, whether the results can even be transmitted to humans. In humans, there is so far only a few case reports, where Cannabis is a possible effect of anti-cancer agents has been attributed to.

Example, dichloro acetate (DCA)

Also, this substance, the acid salt of the dichloroacetic, is being touted as a miracle cure for cancer. The evidence, however, comes also mainly from the basis of research. Whether DCA is also used for cancer therapy in humans to be safe and effective, must be in large clinical studies. In spite of this not-yet-completed research, there is also in Germany, suppliers, advertising effectiveness, and bypassing medicines legal provisions dichloro acetate as a chemical in powder or capsule form offer. Patients need to know that you buy the product at his own expense, but at your own risk. Because the international cancer research Agency of the world health organization classifies dichloro acetate even as possibly carcinogenic.

"Wundermittel" sch&auml are sometimes even;South

Another Problem: When taking untested substances, it can lead to harmful side effects and interactions. "To the right is the path of a potential drug in the laboratory to an approved drug is a lengthy and highly complex process, in which, in every respect, to be on the safe wird&quot gone;, way says Remers. Often, an initially promising substance must be discarded because it turns out in the course of their extensive clinical trial as unsuitable, ineffective or unsafe. This is also to keep in mind when substances are touted for cancer therapy, are not approved as a drug.


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