The case of death, Covid-suspicion: family plug in the ventilator – for air conditioner connecting

It was a tragic death is the case: With breathing problems, a 40, have been-Year-old on the last Saturday into the Maharao Bhim Singh hospital in the Indian Kota bearing. A short time later, he was convicted of Covid-19-suspicion of the intensive care moved. And even if the turned out to be wrong, cost him the probably life – because his family could not cope with the security measures.

To complicate the spread of the Coronavirus, the hospital to the time in the ICU, the air conditioning turn on. That is quite a challenge: In the city in the Federal state of Rajasthan, temperatures can rise up to 40 degrees. To make the room temperature bearable, brought the family of the deceased, therefore, without consultation with the staff, a private Mini-cooling unit. And made a fatal mistake. In order to operate you, visitors were of all things the ventilator from the wall outlet.

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Fatal Error

As the error was noticed, it was already too late: The Doctors and nurses tried yet, the patient with life support and rescue measures, but remained unsuccessful. The Patient died in his room, reports several Indian media with reference to the hospital.

The case will now be examined. That the family did not notice your mistake immediately, it was seemingly thanks to, of all things, a safety measure. Thus, the beamtmung device also works in the case of a power failure, it is equipped with a small battery. Even after Unplugging from the wall outlet, the machine was more so. However, after half an hour the battery had been consumed, reported the “Indian Express”.

Also the stay in the ICU, in itself, was a precaution. Because the Deceased had in-hospital contact with a later positive effect on the Coronavirus tested other patients, he had been in the intensive range moved, so the matching reports. Why he was allowed to still receive visits, it is not apparent from them. After his death, he had been but then tested negative for the Virus, according to “Vice” citing a doctor at the hospital.

The publication of the results of the investigation by a team of Doctors is yet to come. While the Doctors involved have already spoken to the convened Commission has not responded to the family, apparently, on contact attempts. The Relatives had attempts, however, during the rescue little cooperation on the part shown and the rescuers attacked.

Sources: National Herald, India, India Express, Vice

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