The best sleeping tips how to get relaxed the hot nights

The June 2019 is at least what felt like one of the hottest of recent years. In many regions, the Thermometer hopped the last locker on the 30-degree mark, in part, it climbed to more than 35 degrees. Sun lovers rejoice, the elderly moan. But at night is currently the biggest Fans of the hot summer is likely to pass the Laugh. Because the air masses are so hot that meteorologists for the start of the week, several tropical nights has been announced. And so half of Germany is sweating at the moment restless through the night.

What to do – ask many who sweated in the morning, in spite of gaping wide the window is open, wet and dead tired from the sheets torment. The star has some tips collected that will help to, even in the tropical nights of restful sleep.

1. A pleasant room climate is created

At outside temperatures of 35 degrees and more, it is almost impossible to cool the bedroom at an ideal temperature. However: Lock the hot air as well as it is and let you in, at least still reasonably cool morning air. Try to avoid the so-called greenhouse effect, by darkening the bedroom with blinds or shutters. Because the hot air is once-in-a-room, out through the window again.

2. Lukewarm shower

Take a shower just before you go to bed shortly with lukewarm water. Only if you have a hot shower, open the pores of the skin throughout the day and pent-up heat escape. You need then also not completely dry RUB. DAB only a little, because soaking wet, you should not crawl to bed. You may be a catch else a cold.

3. Sleeping rooms darkened

The dark, the spaces in which they sleep as well as you can, without the stop the fresh air supply. Because light is a kind of natural alarm clock. As soon as it is light, reduces the body’s production of the sleep hormone Melatonin and the night – mostly involuntarily – to the end. As a Shade mounted window shutters at the best are outside. Otherwise, the so-called blackout meet curtains to your purpose.

4. Thin sheets, night clothes made of linen

Exchange your favorite blanket, temporarily, a thin cotton sheets. Lightweight night clothes made of linen or natural silk not only cools in addition, you will also absorb the sweat. On average, a litre of sweat in the pillow, blanket and sleeping suit lands by the way, per night. Those who want to completely sleep naked, you should cover consistently, because here, too, the common cold threatens to otherwise.

5. Drink, drink, drink

Also if you have during the day taken care of your fluid balance – to put you in front of the Sleep even a little. Access to warm herbal teas (e.g. lemon balm). Also cherry juice is recommended. It contains a lot of Melatonin, a natural hormone that will regulates sleep and help to find faster for the rest. Experts advise to take the current temperature of a glass of water or tea in bed.

6. Cooling the bottle to the foot of the bed

What works in the Winter with a hot water bottle, a folding in the summer, with the reverse effect. Fill water in a hot water bottle and place it for a few hours in the fridge. Before going to sleep, place the bottle on the foot of her bed.

Source: techniker Krankenkasse, pharmacies Umschau, DAK health