Spahn to Coronavirus: travel restrictions is not appropriate

Federal Minister of health, Jens Spahn (CDU) has spoken to the current measures against Coronavirus-spread as well as the judgment of the Federal constitutional court for euthanasia:

“For the present Moment, we are keeping the travel restrictions to be reasonable and proportionate. Because the truth is, of course, if one of the countries would take in the Region of appropriate measures, the logical way, all the other not only in political, but also just the whole fact of being forced to have to react to it… We have agreed that in the case of existing symptoms or suspicion better now once more to the Virus is tested as a Time to little. On the money anyway, and the refund of the statutory health insurance funds for the appropriate testing, it shall not fail.”

The euthanasia ruling Spahn says: “Because I think it’s just as important that a right to self-determined Dying is not a habituation, and subsequently even to a societal expectation, resulting from the obligation to have recourse to euthanasia, develop may. We must always have the victims and their families in the eye. You deserve it, that this question is satisfactory and also quite sure solved… but What I find important, and that is what we must consider is that there is no right to assisted Suicide. And if there is no claim against third parties arises the question, from my point of view anyway, whether there can be this claim because against authority and against the state.”