So You recognize whether You might be as sick as Mario Götze

Mario Götze is only 24, a professional footballer, and very sick. He have a metabolic disease, announced his club. What this means, as Doctors find out something, and that can meet every? FOCUS Online answers.

  • A metabolic disorder and can pull organs, muscles, and joints.
  • The many nonspecific symptoms complicate disease, the diagnosis of rare metabolic.
  • The metabolism can have at any age disorders.

With his goal Mario Gotze Germany 2014 has made it to the football world champion. The Nation loves him to this day, although the players of the BVB has been stuck for a long time in a hole. No one had an explanation of why.

Now it became known that Dortmund will not play for a long time. He suffers from a metabolic disease and is currently being treated on an outpatient basis. Not only do the Fans ask him what he has exactly and what the really is: a metabolic disease.

Metabolism – the chemical factory of the body

The metabolism, medical: metabolism, keeps our body Running. It regulates all the chemical processes in the body, from cell renewal to digestion. The metabolism controls the way of nutrients, enzymes, or hormones. A healthy metabolism is working like the gears of a complex machine. It gets stuck somewhere, it comes to mood disorders to more serious diseases.

Alone, Wikipedia lists 35 metabolic disorders, and this is only a selection. The most common and well-known metabolic disorders are:

  • Diabetes mellitus
  • Gout
  • Thyroid under – or overactivity.