Slimming: Green tea can the pounds

Green tea is full of healthy antioxidants, which fight free radicals. Studies show that green tea protects, drunk daily against cell damage and premature aging.

The type of tea is but not only as a health booster, but also as a natural agent for weight loss. Really? Nutritionist Maya Feller declared to ‘popsugar’, such as green tea, the body fat melt.

Better fat burn through green tea?

“In animal studies, mice that were on a fat – and sugar refinery diet and in addition, polyphenols from green tea were brought, a significantly lower body weight than mice on a fat – and sugar-rich diet have been set,” says Feller.

Various studies show that green tea can affect fat burning. Its ingredients promote the burning of fat tissue, by stimulating the conversion of food energy into body heat. Such substances are referred to as thermogenic: increase the body’s metabolic rate and burning additional calories.

Its high caffeine content makes green tea is not only the ideal coffee Alternative, but also for Slimming. Because caffeine is the sympathetic nerve activates the system and mobilizes store fat, which in turn increases the fat combustion.

Makes Green tea really slimmer?

Feller emphasized, however, that the Study of the effects of green tea in humans is still insufficient. “Scientists have proven positive effects, but not sufficient.”

Studies In overweight and obese subjects green tea could only notice a slight decrease in the General fat mass. In spite of the lack of research Feller recommends the consumption of green tea, not least because of its many health benefits. Green tea has a detoxifying effect, can strengthen the immune system and the digestion in swing hold.

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