Red meat is not a health risk?

Contrary to the usual recommendations speak to five new systematic reviews that the most people can eat without health risks still red and processed meat. A waiver would affect the results only marginally to the health. The animal probably remained in the studies, however, not taken into account.

The health of most people would benefit according to the results, if you reduce your consumption of red and processed meat. Canadian researchers have published work on this topic, four systematic reviews.

In the first study, a summary evaluation of the results of twelve studies, with 54,000 people showed only a minimal connection between meat consumption and the risk for heart disease, Diabetes or cancer. In three further overview with millions of people, the risk fell to work with people who reduced their consumption of red and processed meat to three servings per week, only slightly.

In a fifth work, the authors have found that many people eat meat because you think it is healthy and taste like. The willingness to change one’s diet, was generally low.

These new results contradict many of the current dietary guidelines. The authors write: "This is certainly controversial, but it is based on the currently most comprehensive evaluation of the available evidence. This is a series of systematic Reviews of high quality. Since the Review is comprehensive, will be those who try to deny it, have difficulties to find suitable arguments." The authors concede, however, to have only the health outcomes focused, and neither is the good environment for the animals to have concerns taken into account.



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