Overweight people recover better from a stroke

It may sound illogical, but a little more body, the survival can increase fat chance of a stroke. Doctors the Obesity paradox to call it, if people are prepared to be at a higher weight against certain diseases.

Extremely obese people have a 62 percent less likely to die following a stroke than people with normal weight. The experts report of the evaluation of a study at the annual meeting of the American society of neurology in Philadelphia, USA. In the case of obese people, the risk was reduced by 46 percent, in Obese to 15 percent. Conversely, the probability of the death of important people was a stroke and is 67 percent higher than for normal weight.

"A possible explanation is that people who are overweight or obese, have a food reserve that helps you to überleben&quot in the case of a disease;, study author Dr. Zuolu Liu of the University in Los Angeles said.

First evidence that a higher body weight can have a positive impact, has been observed in people suffering from kidney and heart diseases. Liu wanted to know whether this is also true for strokes and a total of 1,033 people was looking for with his Team in average age of 71 years with an acute stroke, the blood flow was blocked to a part of the brain. The researchers calculated from body height and weight, Body Mass Index (BMI) of the participants. The participants were, based on the BMI, in five categories: underweight, normal, overweight, obese, and extremely obese. Then, the researchers observed the patients after their stroke, for three months.


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