Noise from wind generators to disturb the sleep

Researchers from Gothenburg wanted to know if the sleep of the people living in the vicinity of wind turbines, is affected by the noise of the wind turbines. With great effort you can to put the Situation in a sleep laboratory and observed that these persons were later welded and shorter dream than people who were not exposed to this noise level.

During a night out with sounds of wind generators, the study participants slept approximately 17 minutes later, and dreamt of, an average of eleven minutes less than in a quiet night. Sound like small Differences, which were however, noticeable: The participants stated in a subsequent survey, to have poor sleep and feel less rested. In particular, when the Windows are closed, the rhythmic noise seemed to disturb sleep.

Test persons füfeel less rested

No differences emerged when Waking up during the night, the time in deep sleep, and heart rate. The study also showed no evidence of a habituation effect to the people residing in the vicinity of wind turbines. Rather, the subjects reported from this group that they slept worse overall, even in the quiet night.

Of the 50 participants in the study, 24 have lived for at least a year in less than a kilometers distance from one or more wind turbines. The other 26 were used as a control group. They spent three nights in the sleep laboratory one night for acclimatization and then a quiet night in or a with noise from wind turbines, the Situation with an open or closed window, was a Swedish wooden house.