Nine weeks of sick: the Berlin Doctor tells her Corona infection

You can see in the Video: Nine weeks of sick – Berlin Doctor tells her Corona infection.

Shortness of breath, pulmonary failure and death – all of which can be the result of an infection with the Coronavirus. However, even a mild course can employ some people for a long time. The Berlin resident Xiana Yago is one of them. In the risk group do not belong to says the 36-Year-old. Nevertheless, she fights for the past 9 weeks with the Virus. O-TON XIANA YAGO, COVID-19-PATIENT: “On 12. April I had my first symptoms. […] I constantly had the feeling that I’d passed, and wanted to just sleep and recover. And in the third week, I had the feeling that it is now moving forward. I’ve felt better. I am a couple of Times then get out of bed and then go out on the balcony. […] After a week, I was able to climb even the stairs, that was great, but then, after a few days it started again. At once, I had this Tight feeling, even at rest. It has started again with diarrhea. I had then, even when you are eating, Chewing, I had shortness of breath, I always had to pause from Chewing, to get back in the air. It was really… started again from the beginning. […] I’m twice walk a day, here in the Park. When I realize that I’m better, then I’ll go a little further and I’m even a bit of stair climbing in the Park, a bit faster, and see how much I can handle, and if not, then I’m just making the rounds and I’ll come back and have a rest on the Couch.” Scientists are still trying to explore the new lung disease Covid-19. They have found evidence that the Virus vessels, the blood and the nervous system can attack. Kidney failure, heart attacks or even strokes can be the result.