Neck circumference for seniors, gives information on malnutrition

Professionals in nursing homes malnutrition, often by measuring the circumference of the arms or the calves of older people. Now a Spanish research team of the University hospital Miguel Servet in Zaragoza, has found part of another body, which can serve as a reference: the neck.

A neck circumference that is smaller than 37.8 cm in men and 35.2 cm in women, indicates a possible lack of nutrition. These researchers have found, on the basis of the data of 352 seniors with an average age of 83 years, five homes for the elderly in Zaragoza, out. You have adjusted the neck sizes with results from a diet questionnaire, which is often used to identify malnourished elderly people or people at risk for malnutrition.

The circumference of the neck, and the calf was able to predict, therefore, a nutritional deficiency the best. In the study, 48.3% of women and 45.5% of men were affected. The author of the study, Beatriz Lardiés but you have to keep in mind: "A lack of nutrition can not be used with a single Parameter such as the extent of the calf or the circumference of the Arms is determined, but you can contribute to the diagnosis."

If a note on malnutrition is detected, it is necessary for a complete nutrition assessment and to take into account other clinical and analytical parameters, to check whether it really is a malnourished Person. If this is the case, you need to immediately counter-measures.