Maltese fulfill the last wish of terminally ill people – even if it’s a BVB game is

Sometimes neither their own children nor friends or other relatives can help, to fulfill the last wish of a Person. For example, if you lack the resources needed for it. In the case of terminally ill people, that’s in addition to sound equipment, the experience, what to do if there is a sudden threat seriously. In Gütersloh, it should be nevertheless possible that a last wish is fulfilled. As “The bell” reported, want to make the local Maltese service for such purposes on a volunteer basis. With the “heart’s desire-ambulance” which is staffed with a paramedic and a paramedic, do you want to start for the volunteers after Easter.

Currently, the facility for the rescue, is still missing car, which so far as a replacement car at the local Maltese. For “the last journey” is still missing a Stretcher and Defibrillator, oxygen equipment and medical materials. 12,000 euros, will be used from donations. The offer is valid for people who need to be transported in or with a wheelchair, and whose life expectancy is less than six months. The trips are funded by donations and by the volunteer.

The use requires special conditions

Not every Maltese is suitable for use in the “heart’s desire-ambulance”. While intensive medical care is less required than in the case of the other operations, it can happen here, that the transported Person dies in the fulfillment of your desire. Not every Patient wants to be actively brought back to life, and this is for the volunteer of the auxiliary service, an unaccustomed burden. “The bell,” quoting the city representatives of the Maltese, Thorsten Heß, that this was not to endure always easy.

For the heart’s desires of the volunteer are about twice a month, how high the demand will be, cannot be estimated. However, people from the service are sure that it will be well received.

Source: “The Bell”