Late bedtime makes girl dick

That short and poor sleep to Obesity in adolescents, metabolic and cardiovascular diseases promotes, you know for some time. A new study has now shown that the sleep time should be considered as a risk factor – especially in the case of girls who find bad in bed.

The studies have shown that young people "Eulen", must like to go to bed late, but for the school early again to get up, a higher waist circumference, and more abdominal fat than "Lerchen", the prefer to go to bed early and get up early. Particularly pronounced is the effect in girls was. The researchers come to the conclusion that a consistent sleep-Wake pattern to contribute during the week and on the weekend to reduce the risk of Obesity and promote the health of the metabolism and of the cardiovascular system.

"About quantity and quality, the Timing is an important component of sleep, since it determines whether the sleep/sync-Awake schedule with the rhythm of the daily activities ist", study author Dr. Elsie Taveras of Massachusetts General Hospital for Children and Harvard Medical School explained.

The researchers advise parents to pay attention to regular sleep times for their children and the evening consumption of electronic media and caffeine limit. Also a later school start could help pupils in their opinion, to find more time for extracurricular activities, more and more often until late into the evening.