Lack of sleep makes us see black

Who has slept poorly, according to a new study by the Karolinska Institute in Sweden, other emotions: A sleepless night, not only that we are tired and easily distracted, but also allows us to the things negative to interpret and to control easier to lose.

In her doctoral thesis, Sandra Tamm studied with your colleagues using brain scans three functions: emotional contagion, so the natural tendency for emotions of other people in our facial expressions to imitate, empathy for pain and how well we and our response to emotional pictures.

The results from four different studies showed that sleep loss led to a negative Interpretation of emotional stimuli, a worse mood, and impairment of emotional contagion. The ability to feel the pain of other people to empathize, on the other hand was less strongly affected: Even if we are after a short night in the morning in a bad mood, we care if our Partner will burn the tea making facilities in the Finger.

"The results can ultimately contribute to the understanding of how chronic sleep disorders, sleepiness and fatigue contribute to psychiatric disorders, for example, by a higher risk for Depressionen", Tamm says. They also found that participants were suffering with a pollen Allergy, regardless of the season, increasingly as a result of sleep disorders.