Jenke is eating for two weeks only meat – that’s what happens with his body

Jenke of Wilmsdorff loves to the Extreme: In the context of his – quite controversial – self-test-show “The Jenke-Experiment” took the RTL reporters are already hard drugs, coped with everyday life in a wheelchair and befuddled in the duration of the noise. He, too, howled through the artificial contractions and was under a doctor’s supervision anorexic. In the current episode, he deals 90 minutes long with our meat consumption and the consequences for the body. Finally, he has plastered in his more than 50 years, far more than 1100 animals, before he is expecting at the beginning of the show.

600 grams of meat at a stroke

This time only two Extreme knows of Wilmsdorff: for Two weeks, he feeds exclusively on cheap meat, then he swung in for two weeks on a vegan diet. He is supervised the entire time by a physician.

At the start of the experiment, all of the vital values of the RTL reporter in the green zone. Then he increases his consumption of meat, radically, every day, nearly a kilogram of lands on the plate. The consequences he gets to feel the first night: “600 grams of meat to a shock are a pretty bad thing,” he begins his monologue, while he lies in bed at night, and no eye zubekommt. “Wow, I’m full. I recognize how my stomach thinks ‘tell me are you crazy Jenke, what is this?'”


Can you live with a pig and still eat meat? Jenke von Wilmsdorff has tried it

The meat is taking its toll

To not know it at the time, that it will go further downhill. On the second night, he forces himself in the evening to eat 880 grams of meat in just one meal. In addition to the four sausage rolls, which he ate during the day. It doesn’t take long until his body rebelled: “My Hand hurts so much after the pork tonight, I don’t know how to keep. If I insists on the blotter, and the smallest movement caused a stitch-like pain,” he says in the evening in bed.

The next day, his left Arm is great, the Hand he can hardly move, the pain goes up to the elbow. However, Jenke don’t want to cancel the Experiment: “I want to know where it comes from, whether the meat together.”

A quick Check at the doctor’s shows: Due to the extreme meat consumption, the urine is increased acid level in the blood to the top. The result is an Arthritis, a gout attack is. Uric acid is produced by the breakdown of purines, which are included to a high extent in the flesh. The uric acid crystals are deposited in joints, Tendons and mucus pouches and cause pain.

Jenke is in need of Ibuprofen to Sleep

“Such a massive response after two days, surprised me very much. Of course, this is a strong sign,” said Wilmsdorff. However, even after the medical evaluation, he is not thinking of quitting: “I want to continue.” To be able to sleep at night, he swallows a handful of Ibuprofen.

Animal husbandry

Let out the Pig! How we can afford meat from happy pigs can

His conclusion after two weeks: “I have now eaten every day, nearly a kilogram of meat. I can no longer smell it. I can’t see it anymore and I don’t like to eat it. I feel tired, my skin has changed and about the digestive we have to talk.”

Jenke launches vegan Phase

Now Phase does not start two of the experiment: Jenke-free lives only of meat, but eats completely vegan. He consumed no animal products, no eggs or milk or cheese. To be not a simple matter for the RTL-man who says of himself, not a “vegetable-Fan”.

The gout, under which he suffered in the first Phase of the experiment, is quickly forgotten. After a few days he feels better and no longer sluggish, he says.

The bacteria are happy, so are we

After two weeks, he has not only a two inches, lower waist circumference, as the final investigation shows. He has also clearly in a better mood. No coincidence, writes his attending physician: In the course of the vegan diet, there was “a gigantic reproduction of the gut-protective bacteria. And if our bacteria are happy, so are we.”

The blood values are very promising: “In the meat phase, the bad LDL cholesterol increased significantly upwards to 30 percent,” explains the doctor. “According to the vegan Phase, it is around the same amount down quite quickly, and even have been better than at the Start of the experiment.”

The full broadcast you can watch on TV Now.

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