Iron for healthy brain development

Brain scans of over 1500 children and young adults show that the iron content increases in certain brain regions during normal development and with the cognitive skills is associated. In one of these regions, there is a connection between low iron content, and impairments of the Brain showed himself.

Iron contributes to the fact that the brain cells remain healthy. In the so-called basal ganglia in the brain, in which incoming information is filtered, and the matching patterns are selected, you will find especially a lot of iron.

Iron deficiency beeinträaffect brain functions

Researchers have now been able to show by analyses of magnetic resonance tomography of persons at the age of eight to 24 years of age, that the iron content of the brain in the basal ganglia during adolescence increases steadily. In two subregions of the iron content increases even into adulthood. If in one of these regions, the Putamen, the amount of Iron decreased, this correlated with an impairment in performance on tasks involving Thinking and spatial processing.

We already knew that a lack of iron in this Region during the early life with impairments of brain function, however, was yet unclear how the iron levels changed during normal development. The authors conclude from the results that a Supplement of iron in the case of an abnormal cognitive development could be helpful.