Iglo recalls frozen parsley

The frozen food manufacturer Iglo has, as a precaution, called deep-back cooling-parsley. In a Batch of 40-gram pack could be sick do contain E. Coli bacteria, the company said on Wednesday. The affected products should as a precaution be consumed.

It is the Goods with the minimum expiration date December 2019, and the coding L8346BR005 that were manufactured between 6 PM and 14 PM. The time is on the side of the packaging behind the printed date of minimum durability and of the coding. Products sold at Lidl, Netto and Penny are not affected according to the company.

Reason for the recall is the detection of certain toxin producing E. coli-producing bacteria in a sample of the concerned Batch. The parsley is eaten raw, can also disease this feverish bowel with diarrhea.

Consumers can get the purchase price refunded if the affected frozen parsley back in the supermarket, in the you the products purchased.