Here you will find help in seemingly hopeless situations

If your mind is racing and you are thinking of the life to take, try with other people to talk to. Can’t be friends or relatives, but it is not. It can be difficult for you to speak precisely about this issue with people close to them.

There are a lot of offers of help, in which you – anonymously – with other people about their thoughts speak. The phone, in Chat, by Mail , or in person. We provide you with the most important.

Phone counseling

The telephone helpline is anonymous, free and available around the clock. The telephone numbers are 0 800 / 111 0 111 and 0 800 / 111 0 222.

The call for the telephone helpline is not only free of charge, he also appears not on the phone bill, just not in the single connection proof.

Muslim Chaplaincy Phone

The Muslim chaplaincy phone is around the clock under the phone number 030 / 44 35 09 821 accessible.

Help in the Chat

Also, the telephone counseling, the offer of help-Chats. The registration is on the website of the Telefonseelsorge.

The chat room you can also enter without appointment, with a bit of luck, a consultant is free. In any case, it works with a booked appointment.

Help via E-Mail

The third offer of telephone counseling and the possibility of E-Mail advice. On the side of the telephone helpline, log in, and can write your messages and replies of the consultant read. The E-Mail traffic doesn’t show up in your normal mailbox.

Help in a personal conversation

If you like to get personal with other people about their thoughts, want to talk about, it must not necessarily a doctor or a psychologist . You can, of course, to psychiatrists, psychiatric clinics or hospitals . You can, for example, to a priest, Imam, Rabbi , or other trusted person to contact, if you the way to a psychiatrist or therapist.

Doctors are subject to, as well as psychologists of the duty of confidentiality. For the priest is next to the seal of confession, the pastoral care secret, after one of the chaplains entrusted as confidential.

Nationwide, there are a variety of counseling services for people with suicidal thoughts. An Overview of the page of the German society for suicide prevention.