Heart attack travel: symptoms to take seriously

Cardiovascular disease is the leading cause of death in travelers and people. Therefore, the cardiologist, Dr. Ryota Nishio warns: Ignore no heart attack symptoms and provide emergency numbers.

"If you are traveling and the warning signs such as pain in chest, throat, neck, back, stomach, or shoulders will experience that take more than 15 minutes, call immediately the Notruf", Nishio advises during a lecture at the Congress of the European society of cardiology, Malaga, Spain.

Nishio practiced in the Department of cardiology at Juntendo University Shizuoka Hospital, which is located in the vicinity of the popular tourist destination of Mount Fuji on the Izu Peninsula in Japan. An examination of 2564 inhabitants and travellers showed that 192 patients (7.5 percent) suffered during your trip to have a heart attack. Travelers were compared to native patients younger and suffered more severe heart attack, the main artery that supplies the heart with blood is blocked.

If a heart attack is treated in a travel rapidly, the prognosis, nevertheless, in the long term. Nishio emphasized that it is important, after returning home to see a doctor, in order to reduce the risk of a second incident by lifestyle changes and medication if necessary.

Up to 16 years, the physicians had mortality rates and causes of 2564 Locals and travellers compared. The mortality rate due to cardiovascular diseases in the two groups were comparable.


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