From the Corona model country for the negative example: What went wrong in Israel?

At the beginning of the global Corona pandemic of Israel, many as a shining example of a rapid and successful containment. But in the meantime, the Mediterranean sea, the country is worse off than most European countries, a second Lockdown seems inevitable, first of the new protection measures will apply from Friday. What is wrong? And what do countries such as Germany, to avoid a similar course?

Professor Arnon Afek, Deputy Director of the Shiba hospital in Tel Aviv, speaks of “premature victory celebration” after Israel managed with rigorous measures and a Lockdown in the spring, the infection numbers to greatly reduce. “The relaxations were much too hastily and without a clear strategy, and have a new wave of infections triggered.” Of Israel head of government Benjamin Netanyahu had called on the citizens in may of euphoric to go out, “coffee drinking, beer drinking”.

Due to the developments of the Israeli government in the night of Friday, has introduced a series of protective measures. Among other things, gatherings of more than ten persons in enclosed spaces and more than 20 people Outdoors were banned. On weekends, it also closed many stores, with the exception of key service providers, such as pharmacies or supermarkets. Fitness studios to stay, while Restaurants may only offer food for Takeaway or home delivery. As of Friday next week, also the beaches will be blocked.

Israel registers a new Corona-record – why?

Since the end of may, the Corona, the fast-Pay in Israel in the amount, on Wednesday was achieved with 1758 cases, a record value of daily new infections. Also in the West Bank a similar trend, with Hebron as the epicenter.

Aerosols on the plane

Researchers warn: In the plane, the risk is great, the Coronavirus to infect

As the main sources of infection after the loosening Afek sees the schools and major events such as weddings. “In Israel there are much more students in a class than in Germany,” he says. In addition, many people would have been very undisciplined behavior, and neither Mask or distance or hygiene rules to be adhered to. “The Israelis are more skeptical and rebellious in its character,” he explains. This had helped to transform the country in the innovative “Start-up Nation,” avenge now, but in the Corona-crisis. In addition, the police have not resorted to sufficiently against the rule violations by.

According to media reports, it is about many School-graduation parties that took place despite the ban, secretly, came to a series of new contagions. “The Elderly have become more cautious, in this wave have been infected, especially Younger and, because of this, there has been less severely ill,” says Aphek. “But the boys have parents and grandparents that may infect, ultimately,” he warns.

With 376 the number of dead in Israel is still relatively low. This is also explained by the fact that Israel is an exceptionally young country. With an average of 3.1 children per woman, it has the highest birth rate of all countries in the Organisation for economic co-operation and development (OECD). Especially in a strictly religious residential areas are affected by the pandemic is strong.

Lesson for other countries

The epidemiological investigations by the authorities after the discovery of Corona cases were slow and deficient, says Aphek. “All of this has meant that we now have the second wave.” The lesson for other countries, such as Germany: “you must be extremely careful, especially with regard to large-scale events.” Overall, however, he was optimistic. “A combination of vaccine and rapid Tests that can be done at home, is to stop the pandemic,” says Aphek.

Lack Of Exercise, Stress, Anxiety

Effects of Corona: Danish researchers warn against "Overweight Epidemie"

Professor Gabi Barabasch, such as Afek former Director-General of the Ministry of health, also sees the feast halls, Restaurants, pubs, and schools as the main infection sites. “Here it is in a class of 30 to 40 students.” Particularly in the age groups of 10 to 19 years, there have been numerous infections. “This has led to the spread throughout the country, with ever-increasing Numbers.”

The Ministry of health have failed in the fight against the spread of the Coronavirus completely, is his damning verdict. In addition, the people have a “go and be irresponsible traded”. Barabasch is that the army – which is already the so-called Corona-hotel – is taking on the crisis management. In 20 Hotels in the country of 4300 rooms are far to the Isolation of coronavirus-Infected, as well as for patients with mild gradient.

A return to a kind of normality is expected Barabasch, at the earliest, after the Winter of 2021/2022. Also it was but not sure, is the gloomy prognosis of experts.

Severe consequences of a second lock downs

Minister of health July gem said, only a “miracle” could prevent further forced to a standstill. From the point of view of experts, this would throw the economy of the country, which already has to contend with the consequences of the first lock downs, and even further back. The financial scientist David Gershon of the Hebrew University in Jerusalem from therefore advises strongly against this. A Lockdown is, in his view, a “medieval” method, which can destroy a country. He warns of a Generation of unemployment that might arise. In Israel, the unemployment rate is currently over 20 percent, the discontent of the population grows.

In the course of the crisis, the government has lost a lot of confidence. This is reflected in increasingly angry demonstrations in Tel Aviv and Jerusalem. According to a survey conducted by the Israeli democracy Institute (IDI) are 75 percent of Israelis are disappointed or angry about the Corona-policy of the government.

Afek, however, thought that the real global challenges are still to come. “The next major event of the Winter is when the flu and Corona come together and you can’t distinguish between them.”

Even more dramatic, it is formulated Zvi Hauser, Chairman of the Foreign and security Committee of the Knesset. “What happens now, is a trifle in comparison to what awaits us in the Winter – We have three months for us on all fronts to prepare,” he said, according to the news site ynet. “Like in Science Fiction movies, if it is, in three months’ time, a meteorite on earth is going to take.”

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