Flu wave in Germany: See here, where the risk of Infection is currently the largest

In Germany, the wave of Flu is on the move. The latest Figures from the Robert Koch Institute (RKI) and the Association of Influenza. Approximately half of all laboratory-confirmed cases have there been in the last two weeks. A total of 79.263 flu cases have been recorded since the autumn. 130 people have died evidence infection with influenza virus. 13.300 Ill were treated in clinics.

For comparison: In the previous year period to 2018/2019 around 59.780 influenza were cases of laboratory – confirmed diagnostic- 11.827 people had to be treated in hospitals.

Outbreaks with more than five cases, according to a recent report in kindergartens (92), hospitals (43), and schools (25). The flu is very contagious and is transmitted from Diseased about using droplets when Sneezing, coughing or Talking. Also on doorknobs or handles in busses and trains, the Virus can be carried on. The pathogen can also be transmitted before symptoms occur. Regular and thorough hand washing helps infection prevent.

Grippe 2020 in Deutschland

The graph shows the history of the current wave of Influenza in Germany from the last calendar week in the year 2019, up to the calendar week 7/2020

The real, from the influenza virus induced flu-begins – other than a common cold – in many cases, all of a sudden. Include typical symptoms of fever, dry cough, sore throat, runny nose, as well as in the limbs and headache. In healthy people, the flu is often relatively mild. However, it can also lead to severe cases with complications, such as pneumonia.

Elderly people, the chronically Ill of all ages and Pregnant women have a higher risk for a severe course. The Standing Committee on vaccination recommends that these at-risk groups for a preventive flu vaccination. Also, medical personnel should be due to the increased exposure to vaccinate. After vaccination, it takes about ten to 14 days, until the body, the protective effect has built up.

Severe Flu season two years ago

The reported flu cases show only a snippet of the actual events. It is assumed that not all flu cases are statistically recorded accordingly, it is assumed that a certain dark figure. A fierce wave of Flu can lead to tens of thousands of dead in Germany. In the severe wave in the Winter of 2017/18 RKI were an estimated ten million physician visits in Germany to the account of the flu. Estimated to have died 25.100 people. According to the RKI, it was the worst Flu epidemic in the past 30 years. The high number of deaths was, however, very rare. There are also flu-seasons with a few hundred deaths.

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