Fast music makes the workout more effective

In the gyms and while Running many people listen to music. The benefits have been proven by many studies, for example, the music distracts from listening to exertion, and boredom. Particularly in endurance sports, the Tempo of the music seems to play a role: With 170 to 190 bpm (beats per Minute) was the service rendered is higher than it was the athletes.

The study in the journal "Frontiers in Psychology" for the first time shows that music with a higher Tempo reduces the perceived exertion and sports performance increased. This effect was Go in endurance sports, such as walking or Running is greater than in the case of strength training of high intensity, for example on the leg press.

19 women completed the Exercises, either without music or with different, faster pop music. "We found that Listening to fast music during exercise to the highest heart rate and lowest perceived exertion führte", Professor Luca P. Ardigo, of the University of Verona said. "This means that the Exercise seemed to be less of a hassle, but with a view to the improvement of physical Fitness was more advantageous." This effect was apparent from the endurance training more than strength training.

The results could show a simple way to improve the physical activity. In larger studies, the researchers want to go a step further: "In the current study, we have investigated the effect of music tempo during exercise, but in the future we would like to features also the effect of other Music, like Genre, melody or lyrics on endurance sports and high intensity Training untersuchen", Ardigo said.