Everyone is different

At the age of seven years, was the son of Mary, the Asperger’s syndrome Berridge diagnosed. Since then, the photographer had to learn again and again how little people about autism spectrum disorders to know and like a lot of false information circulating.

With her photo series “Visible Spectrum: Portraits From The World Of Autism” will Berridge explain and show how different people with autism can be. Since 2014, she has taken a total of around 60 Affected in age from 3 to 55 years of age and portrays.

To Newton, the don’t like it when people touch Curls his red, and then like a chicken with arms flapping; the 13-year-old Sadie, who prefers to spend time with your mother; or Jeff, who works in the health care industry and with his two cats, living together.

Some of the photos were taken when the people at home, others on the University Campus, in the classroom or in a dance Studio. Berridge is not planned, the situations before and made only, sometimes proposals. The experience with your son, they taught that the portrait could be uncomfortable, to lead them to strong. You asked them or their parents instead, the best way.

How many people in Germany are affected by the disorder is unclear. The number varies depending on the diagnostic criteria, made mostly of around 800,000 people. How autism is expressed can be very different: for example, There is a distinction between early childhood autism, Asperger syndrome and Atypical autism. Read here more about the different appearance. Often autism occurs with comorbidities such as Tourette’s syndrome, depression, obsessive-compulsive disorder, or ADHD.

People with Asperger syndrome are often of average, intelligent, in certain areas possibly even above average, motor-but often rather clumsy. The early childhood autism is often, especially in social interaction, communication and repetitive behaviors is noticeable.

Many people with autism syndrome to understand facial expressions, body language or social conventions, not by nature. Sounds, light or touch can make some anxiety and lead to overstimulation. There are those who have an unusually good memory, the smallest Details attention. Some of them have regular Jobs and families, others can’t live independently.

Berridge wants to show with your photos, that all have certain limitations of their individual Strengths – a generalization finds you wrong. Currently, the photographer is working on a picture book to your project. Each image is formatted to a Text of the portrait or the parents supplemented, in order to illustrate the individual history of each Individual.