E-cigarette, the third dead in the USA confirmed

The number of deaths that are associated with the use of E-cigarettes has increased in the United States on at least three. A fourth death is still under consideration. “We know of three dead and a case that is being investigated,” said Dana Meaney-Delman by the US health authority CDC. In total, the authorities had been now reported 450 potential diseases in more than 30 States.

In the US, the messages of unexplained lung diseases that occur after the consumption of E-cigarettes, in the past few weeks, frequently had. The symptoms ranged from respiratory complaints, shortness of breath and chest pain to cases of gastro-intestinal disorders with vomiting and diarrhea. Many of those Affected had consumed the so – called Liquids – liquids that are evaporated with the psychoactive Cannabis ingredient THC.

The “Washington Post” had reported on Thursday from a track to a potentially responsible substance. These come in different brands and in several of the Liquids. It was a so-called Vitamin-E-acetate, which had found the investigators in samples of cannabis products, which had smoked the Diseased previously.

Vitamin E occurs naturally in various foods, such as Oils or nuts. As the “Washington Post” reported, the substance due to its molecular structure, by Inhalation dangerous. In Germany, e-Liquids for E may be cigarettes in General, no vitamins added. Also THC-containing Liquids may, in this country, will not be sold.