Dangerous Sport Trend

In the third case, the family doctor in Scotland, it is suspicious. She had never seen or read that such a disease stories pile up so much. In addition, all three of the young patients was the Same for doom: a visit to the same gym and the will, the Training to the own borders and beyond.

The series starts with an 18-Year-old, who had allowed themselves four days earlier, a private Training. Again and again she had made in the process, bend the knees, her Butt pushed back and your legs bent. The perfect Exercise to train the entire lower body. But now, her thighs hurt so much, that you hardly comes up the stairs. Also, the Use of the toilet is a torture.

And something else the patient and the Doctor concerned: The urine is discolored chocolate brown. In addition, the 18 had to drank-Year-old only once a day to the toilet, although they are much. In the urine, the Doctor finds increased proteins and notes on Myoglobin – the brown dye of the muscle cells. An alarming sign. The Doctor sends the young woman to the hospital, reports a Team led by Hazel Henderson from the public health office in Ayr in the journal “BMJ Case Reports”.

The second case: a 18-Year-old

A short time later, a second 18-Year-old if the Physician appears at your staff Training is three days. In contrast to the first patient not the legs, but the arms of pain. Especially the bicep is swollen. The pain is so strong that the woman can no longer stretch the arms, but in the right angle bent. The urine of the woman is not brown or black, but slightly darker than usual. All very reminiscent of the first case.

But it goes further: As the third Training drives in the Studio, a 24-Year-old in the practice of Medicine. The woman spent five days in advance, with Kettlebells, with up to five kilos heavy, spherical barbells, you had to hold with straight arms for 30 seconds. The pain in her arms and shoulders are getting worse and worse. The part she torments so much that she can’t sleep. Also your urine is colored brown.

As your first patient, the house sent doctor these two women to the hospital. There blood tests confirm your guess: Due to the extreme burden on all the three patients have overwhelmed your muscles so much that they have begun to dissolve. In the case of a so-called rhabdomyolysis-the sheaths of the muscle cells is broken, the contents will swell to the outside. The consequences are extremely dangerous – not only for the muscles, but especially for the kidneys.

Up to twelve litres of fluid a day

By Dissolving the cells large amounts of the Muscle pigment Myoglobin to the kidneys, it will turn the urine brown. The fabric can accumulate so much that it causes damage to renal cells of the small ducts of the kidney become blocked and urine is not properly flows out. A life-threatening kidney failure is imminent. For this reason, it is extremely important to act in a rhabdomyolysis quickly.

In the hospital Doctors hang all three of the patients on the drip and cooking salt solution into their veins. Rhabdomyolysis patients receive every day, up to twelve liters of fluid intravenously. This dilutes the urine and makes the kidneys will be flushed. In the first patient, whose urine had the chocolate coloring, place the Doctors in addition to a catheter. So you can monitor how much fluid leaves your body.

The three patients are lucky: your kidneys have a rest, all of which can leave one to six days later, the hospital again. For your muscles is no specific therapy exists, you need, above all, rest. Then the body can repair the tissue itself.

A special danger in the case of Crossfit?

The Scottish doctor still informed the health Department. Rhabdomyolysis can strike anyone, overwhelmed his muscles, regardless of age, gender or fitness level. Actually, the clinical picture is extremely rare. How does one explain that it has just taken these three young women?

Together with the trainers of the gym, the experts try to fathom the cause. Both coaches are well-trained, in addition, the women were stopped for a while to Drink. Two things, however: All three of the women are actually active in sports, but completed a completely new workout. Doing unfamiliar movements were repeated again and again – on a Level that went far beyond their real ability.

Currently there is a Trend towards exactly these Exercises, warn the authors of the article: high intensity, many reps, work through the fatigue. Especially in high-intensity Crossfit experts fear an increased risk. In the past, rhabdomyolysis cases have been documented, especially in the case of soldiers, the Ultra-runners, weight lifters or bodybuilders. Also athletes who return to work after a long break directly with a high intensity are at risk.

Differences for muscle soreness

Rhabdomyolysis is considered to be extremely rare, just a lack of Numbers. To hearken but someone should if:

  • It comes within 48 hours after the workout to very strong muscle pain.
  • The movement ability is significantly restricted.
  • The affected muscle to swell.
  • The urine is dark brown-not colors, but this is not always the case.

Sufferers are treated early, have a rest in the rule. Long-term damage is unlikely.