Cell phone ban as a punishment for children?

If parents limit to the penalty, the time your kids spend in front of the screen, this might be exactly the opposite effect: children whose parents use in dealing with these media as a punishment or a reward, looked on weekends, an average of twenty minutes more on the matte screen.

The results of the canadian study, not a good education method, young children, it also allow you to Play on the Tablet as a reward: just like children, their times will be limited in front of the screen because of misconduct, they spent more time with the Smartphone, Tablet, Computer, or television than children whose parents did not use these funds for their education. The study authors suggest that the use of screens, when used as a reward or punishment, the television and computer games makes it more attractive.

Eating in front of screens has also resulted in the devices are no longer used. Professor Jess Haines is of the opinion that "Screens should not be a part of the meals, because they are important for the communication in the family. If parents limit the screen time of their children during the meal, then you must be consistent, and this restriction also follow."

For the study, the parents of 62 children at the age of one and a half to five years to the television and video habits have been questioned in the family. This showed that only 15 percent of parents hold to the recommendation that pre-school children should spend an hour a day in front of screens: days of the week, there were nearly one and a half and on weekends for more than two hours.