Between the Shutdown and (almost) normal life: How different Scandinavia with Corona deal

Other countries, other Corona-measures. For example, while Germany, France or the Virus-Sars-CoV-2 to be particularly hard-hit Italy’s public life almost completely shut down and seal off, to other countries to other courses. The Scandinavian Sweden, for example, has relatively lax measures to prevent the spread of the Coronavirus. In the neighboring country of Denmark, the procedure is particularly strict. An Overview of the handle in the Scandinavian countries.

Iceland: In Iceland there are, so far, more than 700 confirmed cases of infection, such as the Icelandic broadcasting dry reported. On Tuesday, the first Covid-19-death of an Icelander, was known. Already last week an Australian died around the age of 40 in Husavik in the North of the country. According to dry, the Virus was found after his death. It is assumed, therefore, that he died of a Virus-induced lung inflammation.

The fight against Covid-19

Corona: What can the world learn from Iceland

Primary schools and kindergartens still open

In Iceland, which has around 360,000 inhabitants, were in mid-March, high schools and universities, primary schools and kindergartens but are still open. On Sunday, the government ordered the closure of swimming pools, museums, pubs and hair salons and gatherings of more than 20 people said. Supermarkets and pharmacies are exempt from the regulations, it is likely to be only a maximum of 100 customers in a store, so the Icelandic news portal “The Reykjavik Grapevine”. People need to keep according to the government, at a two Meter distance from each other.

Also when traveling to the island nation has imposed in the North Atlantic restrictions. Since the 20. March may not enter foreigners – with the exception of citizens of the EU, the EEA (European economic area), EFTA (European free trade Association) or British nationals to the Island. Exceptions also for people with a residence permit or family members in Iceland. Icelandic citizen would have to go with entry to 14-day quarantine.

Norway: The country has the limitations due to the novel Coronavirus is up to and including the Easter period as Prime Minister, Erna Solberg, on Tuesday announced. So the Norwegians are not allowed to travel over the holidays to their huts. Kindergartens, schools and universities remain until 13. April closed. So far are confirmed in Norway, more than 2900 cases of infection. At least twelve people have died of the Virus, such as the Institute for public health announced.

There is a ban on meetings of more than five people in addition, as the Norwegian Ministry of health writes. Exceptions are made for families. In the workplace, and in Public, one should keep two meters distance from each other. Moreover, culture according to the Ministry, among other things, until further notice, and sporting events banned, fitness studios, hairdressers, Massage parlours, tattooists and swimming pools are closed. For restaurants strict conditions apply. Supermarkets have continued to open. Of travelling In and abroad is discouraged. Public Transport should be avoided, according to the Ministry. It is recommended to Work from home.

Norway dismisses prisoners in the fight against Corona

People can tell Recently your suspicions to yourself with the Coronavirus infected, the health authorities online. On the website of the authorities in a form that is ready to enter, what are the symptoms, since when it has you, and if you suffer from chronic diseases. The information is anonymous and is intended to help the health institution, to get an Overview of how many people could be suffering from the Virus. As in many other countries, can also be in Norway, not everyone is tested, and the cold symptoms has.

In Norway have been made redundant in the fight against Corona even 126 inmates early from prisons. Currently, there is still 147 prisoners who shared the cell with others. A further 73 inmates to free. The imprisonment of the persons Concerned has been reduced by up to 30 days.

Denmark: Germany’s Northern neighbor, has one of the strictest regulations in the Nordic countries to adopt. The state renewed all of its actions up to and including Easter. All of the initiatives apply now for now up to 13. April, said the Danish Prime Minister Mette Frederiksen on Monday at a press conference. Since the beginning of the action almost two weeks ago, it was a success for the Danes to change their behaviour.

Among other things, schools, kindergartens, hairdressers, Restaurants, cafes, theatres, night clubs and other leisure facilities such as gyms and tanning beds have been closed. Take-away was allowed. Also many shops and stores have had to close. So far, public meetings of more than ten people, according to authorities information is prohibited. This also includes religious assemblies such as the authorities. This limit should be set according to the request of the government, so the public broadcaster “Danmarks Radio”.


Denmark, due to the Coronavirus, a "Lockdown" and decides extreme measures

Denmark: prison for theft of protected materials

Officials were sent home and to work from there. In super markets and public transportation, the Danes are urging intensive to keep a distance. Since the 14th century. In March, the borders to Germany, Sweden and Norway for tourists and other foreigners to enter without a valid reason are tight. The in force measures, as well as advice of the health authorities to be distributed via media all over the country, for example through announcements on the Radio.

In addition to the measures applicable to infringements of this should be punished more severely, like the Danish TV channel TV2 reported. Accordingly, the justice Minister, Nick Hækkerup crime, in connection with Corona wool punish twice as hard. This should apply, for example, for theft, burglary and fraud. Theft of protective clothing or disinfectants could even end with prison.

In Denmark, more than 1850 people have been tested according to the latest data of the authorities a positive effect on Covid-19, 41 died as a result. On the belonging to Denmark Færøer Islands 140 infections are reported in Greenland 23.

No Shutdown

Open Restaurants and primary schools: The Swedes continue to live in spite of Corona almost normal

Sweden: compared to its neighbours, Sweden has quite loose-fitting measures. The head of government Stefan Löfven called on his compatriots in a televised address, to “take responsibility” and to adhere to the official recommendations. That is to say, to work in the home office to remain in the event of illness at home and to keep a distance. Members of a risk group, and people over 70 should not also go out of the house.

Lax measures in Sweden

The Swedish health authorities called on the population to refrain from visiting the relatives at Easter. Secondary schools and universities are closed, and teach online. Events with up to 500 people are allowed. Also, the Ski places were open for a long time, which caused a lot of criticism. Only to the limits under the Stockholm binds the non-necessary traffic. However, it is said in a press release of the Ministry of justice: “The ban is particularly true for foreign nationals, the try, from a country outside the European economic area or from Switzerland to Sweden to enter. (…) The ban does not include travel from another EU country after Sweden to Swedish citizens.”

Parallel to the outbreak in Ischgl

Accommodations fully booked, restaurants full: the Swedish ski resort of Åre, a new Corona-cooker?

Restaurants and Bars are more open and were well attended. In the Local only operation, however, is allowed until Further notice at the table for seated guests, with shared social Affairs Minister, Lena Hallengren and health authorities chief Johan Carlson at a press conference. At the Bar, no drinks or food may not be served more. Take-Away food and Buffets are not affected by the measures.

In Sweden, more than 2800 people Covid-19 according to the authorities, so far, ill, 66 have died from the effects of the disease.

In the case of criticism of the relatively relaxed handling of the pandemic, politicians refer to the advice of the health authority. The currently recommends no more stringent measures and argued that the Elderly should stay home, not the children. The Parliament has brought in a bill on the path that allows the closure of primary and nursery schools – if this should be necessary. Epidemiologists had not recommended a complete Shutdown and Sweden, even encouraged, to leave the house and go out into the open.

Finland: Helsinki, The capital, is due to the Coronavirus on lockdown. The entry bans for the capital region of Uusimaa apply from Friday, and for at least three weeks, as Prime Minister, Sanna Marin announced on Wednesday. Travel for very important reasons, such as the death of a relative, or to visit a are living separately and a child remain but it is allowed. Exceptions there are for journeys to work.

The capital Region in Finland on lockdown

Also, residents of Uusimaa, currently residing outside the Region is allowed to return home. The goods transport is not affected by the prohibitions. In Uusimaa to 1.7 million people, a third of the total population of Finland.

In Finland there are currently 880 confirmed Corona cases of infection and at least three of the victims of the pandemic. More than 500 of the infection cases and two deaths were recorded in Uusimaa.

The Finnish government had to call because of the pandemic, earlier this week a state of emergency. The borders were closed for foreigners without permanent residence in the country. Meetings of more than ten people in the Public are prohibited. Most of the schools in Finland are closed. Students in the first three vintages are expected to go to school if their parents could not take care of, reported the Finnish broadcasting company Yle.

The planned closure of Restaurants, pubs, night clubs and Cafés for customers to leave, however, until the weekend is not yet implemented, said Marin. They but appeal to all the owners of these establishments to close already. The head of government had announced on Tuesday, the measure should. after the examination in the Parliament by 31 May apply. Out-of-home sales, however, is allowed to continue. Lunch canteens around at workplaces may remain open.

Sources: the news agencies DPA and AFP, the government of Sweden and Iceland, Folkhälsomyndigheten, Folkehelsinstitutet, dry, “The Reykjavik Grapevine”, the police in Denmark, TV2, “Danmarks Radio”, health authorities in Norway

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