Any movement reduces the risk of early death

Whoever manages to move every day, thus lowering the risk of premature death. The decisive factor is the intensity is not necessarily, as a multi-national team of researchers shows now. What should, however, spend be avoided: a Day of 9.5 hours or more time in a Sitting position.

The journal BMJ published analysis of eight studies with a total of 36.383 adults aged 40 years shows that any physical activity that was independent of the intensity, associated with a substantially lower risk of premature death.

During the observation period of almost six years, died of 5.9 percent of the study participants. As we divided them according to their physical activity in groups, revealed that the number of deaths fell sharply, if the entire physical activity achieved daily for approximately 300 minutes at a low intensity or 24 minutes at medium intensity: For these values the death rate was halved in comparison to people that engage in little or no physical. Another important result was that 9.5 hours of daily Sitting increased the risk of death during the observation period, each additional hour was the death rate will continue to rise.

Professor Tom Yates, Professor of physical activity, lack of exercise and health at the University of Leicester, said: "These results are fantastic. Previously, it was generally assumed that more is better when it comes to physical activity. This study suggests, however, that the health Go with only 24 minutes of a brisk or other forms can be optimized by physical activity of moderate intensity per day."

Who has not reached the recommended levels for physical activity of moderate intensity, can &ndash therefore more light to perform activities; it is important to be more on the legs. Examples of activities with low intensity are Go slow or easy tasks such as cooking or dishwashing. Moderate activities include all activities in which the respiration is accelerated, such as brisk walking.