After a serious car accident: Now, Julian finally gets new hands

On a day in April of last year, the Childhood of Julian Reynoso ended. He was crashed with his family in Los Angeles with the car on the road , as another vehicle into them. The driver was apparently drunk. The car of Julian and his family flew about seven meters wide and caught fire. His father, his sister and his brother died. Julian, at that time not yet ten years old, was seriously injured but survived.

35 percent of his body burned, the Boy is disfigured for the Rest of his life. And yet, Julian is able to enjoy his life, as far as it goes – it wants to help him, among other things, a Team from the California Polytechnic State University (abbr.: Cal Poly). Students of the University have built prostheses, so that Julian can use his hands.

Hand prosthesis with mechanical fingers

“He couldn’t play with Lego, he could not do the simple things I enjoyed in my Childhood,” says Ryan Kissinger, one of the leaders of the project, on the Website of the University. He and his Team wanted to give Julian a part of his Childhood back. Eight students have worked for almost a year – advertised had almost 70.

For the mechanical engineering students the course is a real full-time Job. At the same time you are learning in your field of work is enormous. To Julian to admit the control of his fingers back, they had to cope with some challenges. At the right Hand of the ten-year-old still has three fingers on the left no more. A Hand with motorized fingers to bring help. In addition, changes, Julians Hand-constantly – on the one hand, because the injury is still relatively fresh, on the other hand, because she is still growing. “It is like drinking from a fire hose,” explains Kissinger, the trouble. “There are so many different things to look for.”

In a game with the Los Angeles Dodgers Julian was the “First Pitch” to run

“Wow! What is it?”

Since his accident, Julian has already made great progress. The support he received from many donors, which allowed on a Crowdfunding platform, the production of prosthetic financially. And also his favorite baseball club, the Los Angeles Dodgers, allowed him to be a very special experience: Julian was allowed to run in a game the first throw. When other children ask what is happening with him, tells Julian that he had fought in a battle in the computer game “Fortnite”.

When it comes to Austin Conrad, who was involved in the development of the prosthesis as applicable, to belong to such questions are soon a thing of the past: “We wanted to give him something, the way he changed interacts with people,” said the engineer, “Los Angeles Times”. “People must not look at it and ask: ‘What happened to you?’ You should see his hands and say: ‘Wow! What is it?”

Sources: Los Angeles Times / “Cal Poly News”