A woman is shot at close shot. But it is her bra, which nearly kills her.

With serious gunshot injuries, a 39-Year-old comes into the emergency room of a hospital in British Columbia, Canada. The woman seems to have great luck: she lives, even though they had been shot at close range with a shotgun shot. In your chest, and your torso fragments of the bullets, but apparently the missile has not caused any life-threatening injuries. The patient is responsive and talking, even to her condition worsens suddenly, from one Moment to the other. You can no longer breathe properly.

The Doctors act immediately intubate the woman and put her in the OP. There, open the chest, to check for internal injuries – and are surprised: In the chest of the woman, a bent metal wire. “The thing was protruding, literally, at a 90-degree angle,” Laura Duggan, anesthesiologist quoted in the “University of British Columbia” from the “Washington Post”. The medical team is baffled: what is it?

Metal wire is causing life-threatening injuries

Out of concern, it could be a part of an explosive device, contact the police and evacuate the operating room. “We were just going to send people out of the room,” explains Duggan. “Then a nurse came in the room and said: ‘Hey, is that a bra strap.” The Physician examined the woman’s clothes and can confirm the suspicion: a wire was missing in the bra.

Apparently, the metal wire was drilled through the force of the shotgun in the torso and great damage. The Doctors describe the case of two years ago in a journal and explain the Severity of the injury: Thus, the Ironing had to separates the stomach through the left upper lobe of the liver is cut off, the diaphragm is torn, and the Aorta cut. The Aorta is the largest blood vessel in the human body. Only with great effort, the Doctors were able to stop the bleeding. Also the stomach of the patient had to almost be completely removed.

The patient survived the accident, only just recovered after the surgery but completely. “I’m doing this Job now for 20 years,” says Duggan. “But I never would have thought that a bra strap could lead to such an accumulation of life-threatening injuries to the upper abdomen. That’s why we decided to write it down.”

Source: Washington Post / the Canadian Journal of Anesthesia