200 years of “silent night, Holy night”

The world-famous Christmas song, "Silence Nacht" it was exactly 200 years ago for the first time in a small Church in the vicinity of Salzburg &ndash listed; two voices with guitar accompaniment. Still today, every year it is sung at Christmas by millions of people around the world.

The Text to “silent night” was written two years earlier, in 1816, by a Catholic clergyman. The Austrian father Joseph Mohr wrote the song in literally a very dark time, and it should provide people with comfort and peace. The wars of liberation were over, and in 1816, was the "Year without Sommer": It was unusually cold, raining constantly and was snowing even in the summer. Crop failures were the result, and the population was starving. The climatic changes were probably the result of a volcanic eruption of Mount Tambora in Indonesia, had spat in the previous year, huge quantities of ash.

Although he played very good violin, and guitar, and asked Mohr to two years later, in the year 1818, to compose the friend, the teacher Franz Xaver Gruber, a melody to the Text. Together, they sang the song for the first time 200 years ago on Christmas eve in worship in the Church of St. Nicolas in the upper village. The two could probably hardly imagine that it would touch in the aftermath, people all over the world and enjoy Nearly a hundred years later, it unites even enemies, as the soldiers sang it on the Western front in the first world war together.

In more than 300 languages and dialects, the Christmas song &quot is;Silence Nacht" sung, and in the USA alone it has been since 1970, more than 730 times in the most diverse styles of music from classical to Heavy Metal. It is probably the most famous Christmas song, and, since 2011, recognised an intangible cultural heritage of UNESCO.


The largest choir in Austria sang in 2018, “silent night” on the town square in Steyr.

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