Vitamins in pregnancy reduce autism risk

Vitamins in pregnancy: a Rare autism

Many women take the pregnancy vitamins and other vital substances, such as folic acid, other B vitamins, iron or Iodine. Also with regard to the autism risk, this seems a good preventive measure to be, as one study showed that in February, 2019 in the journal JAMA Psychiatry was published. Because the intake of vitamins in this study with a significantly lower risk for autism in the second child.

Vitamins are particularly important for the families who already have an autistic child

If a family already has a child with autism was born, is the risk of another autistic child significantly increased, so the researchers from the University of California , Davis. Just for this high-risk families, it is important that the pregnant woman has been making sure that children, especially, already in the first months of Pregnancy or before the appropriate vitamin supplements.

Then the risk to bring another autistic child is halved and occurs in autism, then in a much attenuated Form. The affected children show a significantly improved Thinking and memory.

Vitamins even before pregnancy!

“Especially mothers, in the very first month of pregnancy, the usual pregnancy vitamins, had a lower risk of a second autistic child,” said study author Rebecca Schmidt, assistant Professor of health Sciences at the MIND Institute of the University of California, Davis.

The study involved 300 mothers participated who already had an autistic child. 96 percent of women took vitamin supplements, but only 36 percent in the period, which is required, begins in the ideal case, six months prior to the pregnancy. Many women take vitamin supplements only from the second or third month of pregnancy, then, if you learn of your pregnancy. This procedure is not for a preventive effect, however, is sufficient.

Therefore, the risk for Autism in the second child declined only in the case of those women, half who had taken their vitamins in the first month of pregnancy, namely, from 33 to 14 percent.

Still is unknown, which Vitamin is very important for the preventive effect responsible

Normally, women take pregnancy vitamin supplements to prevent neural tube defects (Spina bifida), the so-called open back, but not to compromise, of course, the General physical and mental development of the child as a result of possible deficiency.

Vitamin supplements for pregnancy contain folic acid, other B vitamins, often iron and Iodine as well as zinc, Vitamin E, and Vitamin D. Which of these vitamins influence the risk for Autism could have is not yet known. But you know of course how important each individual is vital for the healthy embryonic development, and defects must be avoided in any case.

Of course, only the intake of vital substances, can not in any case prevent an autistic child is born, since autism is very a lot of combo may also be causes can have, but seems to have a good vitamin supply to at least reduce the risk.

Further studies on the effect of vital substances for the prevention or treatment of autism

From previous studies we know already that multi-vitamin supplements can even reduce the first child to autism risk.

In a further study they showed that the administration of folic acid could result in the pregnancy to a reduced risk for Autism. And this study pointed out that zinc deficiency in pregnancy can increase the likelihood of autism in the child and later the child’s expression of autism may increase.

The Vitamin should not be forgotten-D-supply, as the remedy of a corresponding can persist in the absence of may be symptoms of Autism.

Autism prevention: Before and during pregnancy vitamins to take!

Whether at the first or second child, and a good Vitamin and mineral supply is an important measure that is also cost – effective and easy to implement is, therefore, both in pregnancy as well as later in the child for the prevention and treatment of autism.

While the dose of folic acid (400 – 600 µg), other B-vitamins, Omega-3 fatty acids and Iodine can be a flat rate prescribed, should be adjusted the dose of Vitamin D, zinc and iron each of the current mirror, i.e. the needs of the Pregnant woman, to actually the needed vital substance amounts to supply and in order to prevent at the same time unnecessary Overdoses.