The Baby survived with only 268 grams

Probably has never been a smaller Boy, to stay alive: Doctors in Japan have succeeded in developing a child back on its feet, it was at the time of his birth, only 268 grams. The Boy was able to leave in mid-February with a weight of 3.2 kilograms, the Keio Hospital in Tokyo.

The Doctors had brought the boys back in August, by caesarean, to grow after he had left. The doctors feared that the child might die in the womb. Then, the Boy several months was in intensive care, said pediatrician Takeshi Arimitso.

At birth, the child was so tiny that it would have fit in a Few hands. After the Doctors fed the Baby for weeks artificially, and ventilated, they gained so much weight that it could finally be quenched.

Only 268 grams at birth

“I’m so grateful that he is getting so big,” said the mother of the child, the Reuters news Agency. “If I’m honest, I wasn’t sure whether he can survive.” At the time of the notkaiser-section, the mother of the “Japan Times,” in the 24. Week of pregnancy.

The smallest girl is from Germany

The Tiniest Babies registry the University of Iowa, according to around the world have survived to today, a little more than 20 babies were born with a weight of less than 300 grams. The project of the American University aims to learn more about health, growth and development of extreme preemies.

The researchers collect cases in lay and professional media has reported. However, there is no guarantee that the entries are really complete.

According to the data of the previous male record holder from Germany came. In Göttingen, was born, therefore, in 2009, a 274 grams heavier Boy, who was only 27 inches long and a head circumference of 19.5 centimeters. He was discharged at the age of six months, with a weight of 3.7 kilograms from the hospital.

The smallest girl comes to the Register, also from Germany. Therefore, a girl came in 2015 in Witten with only 252 grams for the world and survived.