Shawn Johnson Shares the Adorable Way She's Keeping Her Kids Entertained This Summer

Kids summer activities don’t have to be complicated. You don’t have to take them to expensive waterparks or create TikTok-worthy educational moments (unless you want to). All you need is the sun, water, and a fun inflatable to keep kids happy while school’s out! Shawn Johnson shared the super cute way she’s keeping her toddlers, Drew, 2, and Jett, 1, entertained this summer — and it looks awesome!

“Kids 😍🤣,” Johnson, who shares her children with husband Andrew East, captioned a photo on Instagram today. In it, Jett and Drew are dressed in nothing but diapers (because what else to toddlers need, really?) as they climb a giant blow-up slide with “Jett” written on it. She doesn’t say, but we’re guessing this was for Jett’s birthday party, as he turned 1 in July.

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As the kids crawl up the inflatable, the former Olympic gymnast is hanging out at the top, ready to catch the babies if she needs to, with East standing at the bottom. It always helps to have double the eyes on kids, especially when playing on a bounce house or water toy. You don’t have to rent a personalized bounce house to re-create this. Just buy a little backyard water slide or turn on the sprinkler for just as much fun.

Johnson looks like she’s fully enjoying herself with her kids, which is the best way to embrace summer. “Time spent is priceless!” one person commented.

Other people were commenting about how much fun her toddlers are having in this photo.

“They are gonna be the best of friends….she will always have his back and for sure he will have hers. ❤️❤️,” one person wrote.

“Kids are the BEST!” another person wrote.

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Her kids have had a busy summer, with Drew learning to ride a bike, and both kids visiting Johnson’s old gymnastics studio. They also went swimming over Fourth of July weekend and took the cutest pool selfie. What fun memories!


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