Perfect Names for Springtime Babies

Are you looking for a sweet spring-themed name for your springtime baby? We’ve gathered some really cool and unique names that remind us of what some feel is the prettiest season of the year.

Winter is over (finally!) and the snow and ice have melted away. It’s warming up, but the heat of summer is still a couple months away. As you make plans to welcome your baby, the earth is waking up around you with fresh greens, tender blooms and budding trees. These cheery springtime baby names for boys and girls will really help you look forward to your big day.

Baby names meaning “spring”

You can’t get more springy than a baby name that means spring! Some of these refer to the body of water, but it’s still a nice springy association.

  • Alvern: spring, greening
  • Dathan: spring or fountain
  • Jarek: spring
  • Jaroslav: beauty of spring
  • Kell: spring
  • Cerelia: relating to springtime
  • Chloris: name of the Greek goddess of spring
  • Primavera: spring
  • Spring: springtime
  • Suzuko: spring, autumn child

Baby names meaning “green”

Spring brings forth new grass, crocuses and tulips, and fresh new baby leaves on your favorite deciduous trees. Check out these “green” names for boys and girls.

  • Denver: green valley
  • Hewney: green
  • Irvin: green, fresh water
  • Vardon: green knoll
  • Vermont: green mountain
  • Beryl: a light green gemstone
  • Chloe: green shoot
  • Midori: green
  • Tawny: a green field
  • Verde: green

Baby names meaning “butterfly”

Springtime is often signaled by the beautiful sight of butterflies flitting around. Here are a handful of sweet baby names for girls that mean “butterfly.”

  • Aponi: butterfly
  • Caparina: a type of butterfly
  • Mariposa: butterfly
  • Vanessa: butterfly
  • Yara: water lady, small butterfly

Baby names meaning “storm”

A good thunderstorm clears the air and waters the ground — and totally says spring has definitely arrived. These boy names mean “storm,” or some component of them.

  • Barack: lightning
  • Raiden: Japanese god of thunder
  • Rai: lightning, thunder
  • Tal: rain
  • Thor: god of thunder from Norse mythology
  • Storm: storm

Botanical baby names

Of course, all those showers bring new life to the plants and flowers around us — and a botanical-inspired baby name is the perfect homage to spring.

Botanical baby names for girls

  • Azelie: flower
  • Briony: flowering vine
  • Dahlia: from the valley; flower
  • Flora: flower
  • Iris: rainbow goddess; flower
  • Lily: flower
  • Willow: slender, graceful

Botanical baby names for boys

  • Ash: a type of tree
  • Florian: flowering
  • Linden: a type of tree
  • Oakley: from the oak tree meadow
  • Rowan: red; tree
  • Selby: willow farm
  • Sylvan: of the forest

These spring baby names are definitely unique and will make a special name for your springtime baby. Whether you choose one as a first name — or pair it with your favorite as a middle name — it will always remind you of the wonderful season your baby was born in.

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