Justin Verlander on Kate Upton’s ‘Tremendous’ Transition Into Motherhood

Absolutely in awe! Justin Verlander gushed to Us Weekly exclusively about the “tremendous” way that Kate Upton has transitioned into motherhood four months after the couple welcomed their baby girl, Genevieve.

“She’s been the most amazing woman and mom,” the Major League baseball player, 36, told Us on Tuesday, March 19. “I knew that she would set a great example for our daughter, no matter what. It’s the person that she is, it’s the person who I married. I’ve always appreciated her for her strength.”

The athlete added: “But just seeing her interact, all the nurturing and everything that goes on with being a mother, it’s been tremendous to watch. I know it’s not easy for her either, but it’s quite a connection that they have, and it’s really special for me to be able to witness that and be a part of it.”

Verlander married the model, 26, in November 2017, and their daughter arrived one year later.

“Welcome to the world Genevieve Upton Verlander,” the Houston Astros player wrote on Instagram at the time. “You stole my  the first second I met you!!! 11.7.2018.”

When it comes to balancing fatherhood with his sports career, the pitcher is keeping his priorities straight. “We are so blessed every single morning to see [Genevieve], but at the same time, we have to learn to do all the things we need to do,” he told Us. “I still need to go be a pitcher at the top of my game, so I need to adjust my routine a little bit.”

Verlander admitted that he won’t be retiring from baseball anytime soon — in fact, just the opposite!

“If anything, [my daughter] might motivate me to play longer,” the he revealed to Us. “I want to play long enough that she can see me on a baseball field and remember me as a baseball player instead of having to watch old highlight videos.”

The new dad, who has partnered with Flonase, won’t let his seasonal allergies cut his career short either. “Once I found Flonase and made it part of my routine … it really made a huge difference in a couple things that are really crucial to being an athlete, which are breathing and sleeping,” Verlander told Us. “The ability to do those two things allowed me to go out and perform at my peak.”

With reporting by Emily Marcus

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