Jana Kramer Shows Off Abs With Husband on the Beach 4 Months Post-Baby

Couples beach goals! Jana Kramer Opens a New Window. and Mike Caussin always look in shape and amazing on their own — but together they’re nearly unstoppable.

On Sunday, March 31, Kramer posted an adorable Instagram photo Opens a New Window. that showed her in a Vilebreckin aqua blue patterned bikini and her husband, 32, in matching bathing suit trunks. The country singer proudly showed off her toned abs and legs after welcoming her second child Opens a New Window. in November 2018, while the former football pro flaunted his sculpted chest, arms and legs. Also in the photo: their kids, daughter Jolie, 3, and son Jace, 4 months, in the same printed suits!

“We are that family. #matching #love,” she wrote. “Soaking up all our beach days before we make the big move back to Nashville.” The crew currently lives Los Angeles. Less than a week before posting the family beach photo, Kramer and Caussin spoke about his recent sex addiction relapse Opens a New Window. on her “Whine Down” podcast.

Kramer, 35, is dedicated to her fitness regimen. “She had a lot of discipline during her pregnancy. She really stayed on track,” her trainer Erin Oprea told Us in February. “We worked out consistently and not every workout was hard and things weren’t always intense, but we worked out consistently ‘til the day before the baby was born and so her bounce-back was quick.”

The One Tree Hill alum also posted a hilarious Instagram last month explaining of one of the surprising reasons she works out Opens a New Window. .

During her third trimester this past October, Kramer told Us that exercising was helping her physically and emotionally. “I feel amazing and I owe a lot of that to moving and working out because even my doctor said, ‘When you move and you work out, it actually helps you feel better,’ and it truly has,” she said.

The “Why Ya Wanna” singer explained she did a lot of leg and arm work during pregnancy, she also did some core work — which explains her abs now! “The workout has definitely changed because you’re not allowed to be on your back. You can’t do crunches,” she said, “but you can do planks to engage your core and every time just remembering to squeeze your butt and engage your core. It’s usually what Erin ingrains in my head. It’s my motto.”

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