A Nearly-Naked & Fully-Pregnant Keke Palmer Flaunted Her Dance Moves & It's the Vibe We All Need Today

Keke Palmer has been finding every single slice of joy during her pregnancy, and it’s the big bump energy we didn’t know we needed (and can’t get enough of!). On Sunday, she stripped down to her bra and panties (scandalous!) and danced like nobody was watching.

But of course, the glowing mama-to-be who has been so honest and vulnerable had no problem with everyone watching. She shared the footage on Instagram with the caption “Goodmorning y’all!!! Happy Sunday from me && the bump 🤪😍😘.”

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Is that not the best way to start a Sunday? Honestly, though, I’m glad I missed it and was able to wake up to what was looking like a meh Monday and immediately find the energizing video instead. It really is a “good morning, y’all!!!”

The video has more than 1 million likes (as it should), and commenters are soaking in the carefree and confident vibes. The proud Virgo’s energy is contagious, but we know it’s not always easy to be so openly joyous, pregnant or otherwise. So how (and why?) does Palmer make it a priority?

“I’ve always needed [that energy], especially when I’ve come into a new space,” she told SheKnows before her announcement. “I gotta just make the vibe good. I gotta get everybody like comfortable.”

So all things considered, we don’t know if we can say it better than musician Bobby Lytes said, quoting Amy Poehler‘s character in Mean Girls: “She’s not a regular mom, she’s a cool mom,” Lytes commented.

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That’s been true throughout Palmer’s pregnancy. The comedian and actor confirmed her pregnancy while hosting Saturday Night Live, and it’s quite possibly the coolest pregnancy announcement we have ever seen.

“There’s some rumors going around; people have been in my comments saying, ‘Keke’s having a baby, Keke’s pregnant,’ and I wanna set the record straight — I am!” Palmer said as she ripped off her jacket to reveal her bump.

*And the crowd goes wild!*

Since then, she has had one iconic moment after the other. The way she raved about the way pregnancy has cleared up her skin, showing a close up of her face and telling her followers to start calling her Keke Wyatt, a singer-songwriter with 11 children: “Cuz I’m about to be pregnant for the rest of my life!”

Then there was the time she openly decided to choose rest in her inspirational babymoon post. And the time she told the world that her cat knows she’s pregnant (and science says that might be legit!).

Followed by her confessional on The Tonight Show With Jimmy Fallon when she talked about how the stars may or may not align with her and her baby depending on their zodiac sign.

And don’t even get us started on her straight up stunning baby shower photos that put the world’s supermodels to shame.

So to now be publically shaking her groove thing to “They Dykin’” in a flesh-colored underwear set and with the biggest smile … wow. Just wow.

As actor Kendrick Sampson said, this is our favorite thing we’ve ever seen her do.

“(and thassa high bar 💯💯🖤😂).”

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