Young mother and Baby die after taking: preparation of pharmacy not to take!

The police and the city of Cologne, to warn the population prior to the taking of a life-threatening glucose mixture.

Already in the last week, a young woman (28) and via emergency C-section-born child died of the consequences of taking. A doctor reported this and another incident last Thursday (19. September) of the police.

In the other patient, the left to your doctor’s prescription, the same product can deliver, there were also complications. She felt uncomfortable, and broke off the intake, before they had taken the entire quantity of the substance to be.

The Holy spirit pharmacy in the grass EGGER straße 105 in the district of Longerich

The authorities warn explicitly against products containing glucose, manufactured in the Holy spirit pharmacy in the grass EGGER straße 105 in the district of longerich and handed over, to take. Who has the appropriate preparations in his possession, it is strongly asked for this at the next police station to submit. There are, according to the current investigation only medicinal products affected, which have been manufactured in this pharmacy.

The police ensured in search of action means of proof, the city of Cologne has forbidden to the pharmacists to sell up to clarify the facts, self-produced drugs. A homicide has taken up the investigation.

What is a glucose Test and what is it used for?

The oral glucose tolerance Test (oGTT), so the full designation is used for the detection of possible Diabetes-related diseases. The Patient drinks on an empty stomach is a sugar solution consisting of 75 grams of sugar is dissolved in 250 to 300 ml of grape.

Before Drinking the solution, as well as one and two hours after that, the doctor takes the blood and determined the blood sugar in Plasma. The value is increased on an empty stomach and two hours after Drinking the solution, the Patient has probably Diabetes.

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