White spot in the eye: camera flash saves four month old boy’s life

A reflection of the flash has saved a four-month-old boy from the USA life. His mother had noticed on the photos a strange white spot in the eye of the young. The diagnosis of the Doctors came in just in time.

It turned out to be fortunate, then, that Andrea Temarantz from the U.S. state of Arizona, held the first months of her son on numerous images. Shortly after Christmas, she noticed on the photos of your four-month-old son, a strange white spot that looked almost like a Glow.

“At first I thought it was the bad camera of the phone,” said the 36-year-old mother to the TV channel “ABC”. However, as the stain also appeared on images of a brand-new camera, she had brought her son Ryder to the doctor.

The Tumor appeared on the images as a reflection of the flash

At the beginning of January, the Doctors diagnosed the children’s hospital in Phoenix at the little boy with a retinoblastoma. This is a malignant Tumor in the back part of the eye that appeared on the images as a reflection of the flash. The Tumor had not yet formed metastases, but had to be removed as quickly as possible. The Doctors in Arizona called two treatment options: the eye remove, or chemotherapy begin.

Andrea Temarantz Ryder gesundens eye (top) compared to his sick eye (below).

Increased cancer risk due to trisomy 21

Since Ryder trisomy 21, appeared to be chemotherapy first, not an Option. People with Down syndrome are diagnosed with a higher likelihood of leukemia, which is why the chemotherapy Ryder would have increased risk for secondary cancer significantly. Ryder’s parents finally found, but a cancer clinic in New York, which has developed a less harmful method of chemotherapy.

Instead of the usual treatment is introduced to the boy through the abdomen, a catheter that injects a highly concentrated dose of the chemotherapy Agent directly into the Tumor. The treatment should be performed three to six Times. Since the cancer was discovered at an early stage, the chances of cure for the four-month-old Ryder, according to his doctor, at 99 percent. Also his eyesight, he’ll keep. “In the world have died in the past year, 50 percent of the children who had a retinoblastoma that. It’s the sort of cancer that can be fatal if not discovered in time,” said David Abramson, “ABC News”.

More than $ 13,000 in donations

The boy’s family has launched a donation page to help cover the cost of the rare treatment. So far 261 people have donated 13.460 dollars. Little Ryder was, by the way, in spite of all, “active and cheerful as if nothing had happened,” explains his happy mother.

Andrea Temarantz , in Spite of all, Ryder is active and alert.